How to find out if you are pregnant

Some women are excited to know if they are pregnant, especially those who have been longing to have a child for many years now. Every month, they are keeping their fingers crossed that they will miss their period and finally get a positive result on a pregnancy test.

Wondering if you are pregnant or not can give you mixed emotions. It could make you antsy. So, to answer your question, why not do the test?

Pregnancy test

There are various ways in which you can find out whether or not you are going to have a baby soon. Some methods are done with the help of doctors, while the others can be done at home.

Using a pregnancy test kit

jkjff854This is the most commonly used method to find out if a woman is carrying a baby in her womb. With this, you need to get the best kit available; something that can detect HCG in your urine as early as possible. When you shop for a kit, it is important that you choose carefully because there are some that will give you a negative result even if you are really pregnant. You can take a look at the ept pregnancy test reviews so you would know which one to go with.

Store your urine

Storing urine sample is an old way of checking if a woman is pregnant. This is quite easy to execute as well. All you need to do is get a clean container (with lid), where you are going to store your urine in. After a few hours, check the sample if a ‘white film’ has formed. If there is, then there is a huge possibility that you are pregnant.

Take note, though, that this method is not that accurate. Even if you do this, it is still highly recommended that you seek the help of a doctor to find out whether or not you will be a mom soon.

Undergo a blood pregnancy test

jkkjf89f5Aside from utilizing EPT pregnancy test, a blood test is also a reliable way to detect pregnancy. In fact, this method can tell you if you are positive or not even within the first ten days after implantation. This option will require you though to seek the assistance of professionals as they will have to check your blood sample. If HCG is present, then you can rejoice because you, definitely, are going to have a child pretty soon.