Techniques Of Pain Management


Pain is becoming one of the most common reasons why most people visit a health provider. It also turns out to be a major symptom of most diseases. Pain management is necessary to ensure that people living with the pain have quality lives.

The most common pain includes back pain which keeps getting worse as people advance in age, pain can also arise from a major surgery. Women are the common sufferers of pain and most people with chronic pain have had it for at least three years. Here are some pain management techniques;


These are used to manage very severe pain. However, they are strictly prescription drugs. The caregiver has to first evaluate you to find out if other alternative drugs will not work. This is because they have potentially serious side effects and one can quickly get addicted.vvjgnbjg

Massage therapy

This can be given to people to relieve them of pain quickly. It also helps in soothing stiff muscles and reduces swelling and inflammation as well.

Psychological pain management

This is administered by teaching people the skills of coping with their pain. It incorporates using realistic and helpful thoughts as a way of managing the pain.

Natural pain relief

This involves the use of herbs. This is after most people decided to go organic and hence refused to take medicine which was said to have too many chemicals. However, caution should be taken since allergic reactions may occur. To help avoid this one should first test the herbs on their skin before using it to ensure they do not get an allergic reaction.

Trigger point injections

This is combined with nerve blocks which incorporate the use of anesthetics together with small doses of steroids. Steroids are also used in small quantities since they have severe side effects as well hence should be used in moderation.

NSAID medicines

These drugs not only help in relieving pain but also reduce fever and inflammation as well. Caution should be used when using such drugs because one may develop other serious complications arising from long-term use.

Over the counter medication

This includes painkillers like paracetamol and aspirins which are available without a prescription. This may be used for relieving mild to acute pain.


Morphine is used for very severe pain and major trauma. It acts on the central nervous system to help relieve pain. It is very potent as a pain relief medicine.

Other techniques

hbcvhfbvgOther methods include the use of the power strip which combines infrared heat technology which is activated by body heat and quantum energy. One can also use red ginseng and also marine phytoplankton all for pain management. The TENS machine is also instrumental in offering pain relief with no side effects.

The most challenging part of this is the cost that comes with it. One has to prepare themselves to spend a little bit more since most of these medications come at a cost. Some techniques are cheap while some turn out to be expensive so one can decide how much they can afford. However one should go for a method that will help in the management of pain effectively irrespective of the cost.